Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Josif Josifov has 35 years experience as a lecturer, leader of engineering and scientific projects , participant in solving dozens of problems related to turbochargers of marine and stationary engines. He led 1926 repairs of turbochargers until now.

Nenko Petrov  – he’s a specialist with 12 years experience in the technical maintenance and mounting of mechanical systems.  He serves for 5 years 3 stands for dynamic balance of company „Schenck”. He works for 4 years in the company’s team by participating in the repair of over 350 turbochargers.  

Dyan Gyuzelev – he is a specialist with 26 years experience in the mechanical treatment of metals, mounting and maintenance of mechanical systems. He works for 6 years on stands for dynamic balance of company  ”Schenck”, and in the past 2 years he is a part of the team of the company and he participated in the repair of over 150 turbochargers.