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Genuine Volvo Penta spare parts are now supplied with 2 years warranty

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Right Choice - Genuine Volvo Penta Spare Parts for older engines

The right choice
The genuine Volvo Penta spare parts and consumatives fulfil all Volvo Penta's quality and safety requirements, providing long life and smooth running of your engine.
Using the genuine spare parts, you ensure the best for your investment - the perfect Volvo Penta engine.
Every genuine Volvo Penta spare part is with 12 month warranty, a condition that you will not receive anywhere else on the market. 
All spare parts are specially designed and tested in conditions, many times exceeding the optimal ones.
Volvo Penta marine engines and transmissions work in specific conditions, requiring high level of security and comfort. The oils and chemicals, branded Volvo Penta, are developed in accordance with the conditions of the environment, and assure maximum protection and efficiency.
Never use non-genuine spare parts - this may cause risks to your health, bad engine performance or expensive repairs.
Using the genuine Volvo Penta spare parts, you can be sure that your engine will always be in perfect conditions.
Please, contact us and our consultants will respond to all your questions, regarding quality, price and Volvo Penta products.
Seny LTD has on stock all main consumatives for Volvo Penta engines (oils, coolants, filters, impellers, anodes, bellows, belts).
You will receive the genuine Volvo Penta spare parts in very short terms:
On stock: 24 hours to any place in the country
Express order: up to 2-3 working days
Standard order: 12-14 days
To purchase the genuine Volvo Penta spare parts and consumatives you may visit our shop at:
Seny LTD
9000, Varna
7, Aleksander Dyakovich str.
or order at:
tel./fax: +359 52 689 606
mobile: +359 887 888 072