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Complete propeller shaft

Supplied with washer, nut and wedge according to ISO standard. Material SIS 2324. Propeller shaft tolerance h9 (+0.0 -0.052).


Clamp attachment

For attaching shaft sleeve.


Stern bearing for plastic bonding

Stern bearing with replacable water-lubricated rubber bearing. Ribbed surface for secure bonding.


Stern bearing for bolting

Stern bearing for bolting into wooded or fibre glass hulls. Replacable water-lubricated rubber bearing. Attached with M8 bolts.


Rubber bearing

Water-lubricated rubber bearing for stern and support bearings.


Rubber packing box

Moulded packing box for effective lubrication / sealing. Simple, time saving installation and compact size. Minimal maintenance work - grease every 200 hours or once a year. The packing box is specifically dimensioned for Volvo Penta propeller shafts and sleeves. For effective lubrication it is essential that the packing box bearings are water-lubricated at all speeds. Supplied complete with installation tools and grease tube.


Packing box

Conventional and effective propelller shaft lubrication / sealing. Supplied complete with hose and hose clips. A greaser can be connected (included with the 40 and 45 mm packing boxes).




Greaser hose – 1m

Lenght 1 m. Fits to the Volvo Penta greaser


Drive extension for S-drives


For the installation of S drives in vessels with a deeper hull form.

Drive extension for AQ drives

For installations that reqire a longer drive to ensure improved propeller "grip" and thereby reduce cavitation.

Flexible propeller shaft coupling

A flexible propeller shaft coupling must be used when the propeller shaft id rigidly mounted and the engine is suspended on rubber mountings. The coupling also eliminates the risk of a break between the propeller shaft and the engine with rigid engine installation.

Propeller shaft coupling with clamp

The coupling has an in-build coupling clamp which considerably simplifies shaft installation. It makes it possible to cut the propeller shaft to the required lenght and thereafter, connect it, without the necessity of machining a keyway in the shaft. Supplied complete with nuts and bolts. Propeller shaft tolerance h9 (+0.0 -0.052).

Propeller shaft coupling with tapered locking pin and keyway

Conventional propeller shaft. Supplied with nuts, bolts and locking pin.