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Heat exchanger cooled system, 1500 rpm, 50Hz


·          D5A T/TA, 62 – 86 kWe


·          D7A T/TA, 90 – 130 kWe


·          D9 MG, 168 – 225 kWe


·          D12 MG, 248 – 294 kWe


·          D16 MG, 324 – 420 kWe




Marine commercial engines

>> Look at the marine commercial engines Volvo Penta. Choose the most appropriate engine Volvo Penta for your boat, tug or vessel.


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>> Buy original spare parts and consumables for your engine. Provide the best for your engine.



>> Take advantage of the services of the authorized Volvo Penta Center. Trust our professionals for repair of your engine or for expert advice.