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The dimensions of a propeller are usually stated with two measurements, for example 14 x 17 (this does not apply to DP (duoprop) propellers, the dimensions of which are stated by means of a special sizing code). The first of these two measurements refers to the diameter of the propeller - 14" (A). The socond measurement refers to the pitch of the propeller - 17" (B).
A rotating propeller describes a circle (A) - the diameter of this circle is also the diameter of the propeller.

The pitch of the propeller refers to the distance (forwards or backwords) the propeller moves in describing one complete rotation - this can simply be linked to a screw being screwed into a piece of wood. As water is not a solid substance the propeller will move some 70 to 90% of this distance, (D). The remaining 10 to 30% difference is known as "slip", (C).
When replacing a propeller it is absolutely essential to choose the correct type of propeller. Shuould the propeller rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise?
It may sometimes be difficult to find the size number on a propeller. In such cases, measure from the center of the propeller hub to the tip of one of the blades and then multiply this figure by two.


High speed propellers

The increased blade area of the high speed propeller makes it most suitable for use with high power engines and at high revs. In a fast boat this not only means increased speed, it also means that a heavily loaded boat will plane more quickly and enjoy better fuel economy. The high speed propeller's excellent reversing characteristics also means faster and safer quayside manoeuvring.

Full scale 2-, 3- and 4-blade bronze propellers. Available for shaft diameters from 25mm up to 45mm.
  Folding propellers – 2-, 3- and 4-blades.


All propellers are available for left and right rotation.


Please, choose which type Volvo Penta propeller you need:
              Single/Duoprop Propellers                                          Folding propellers