Abrasion, impact, and chemical attack
  • Rebuild step edges
  • Bond and reseat metal step nosings
  • Rebuild worn or damaged floor areas
  • Level uneven concrete sections
  • Repair worn track areas
  • Resurface for wear and impact protection
  • Repair wooden floors or decks
Expansion and building joints
  • Rebuild joint edges or nosings
  • Repair day joints between concrete sections
  • Create new joint seals
Safety systems
  • Apply non-slip coatings around machinery
  • Apply non-slip coatings to ladder rungs
  • Create non-slip stair edges
  • Apply line markings in traffic or storage areas
Anchoring or secure fixing
  • Repair spalled concrete around handrail posts
  • Set and grout handrails
  • Bond roadside edging and traffic control devices into place
Case studies