Joint and seams
  • Re-bond lifted sections of build up roof
  • Repair heat sealed or bonded joints
  • Repair and seal holed and pitted sheeting
  • Point and seal roof edges
  • Seal overlapping seams in roof panels
  • Seal seams in ductwork and air conditioning units
Glazing bars and skylights
  • Seal cracked plastic or glass
  • Seal over failed glazing bar seals
  • Repair and seal damaged wood glazing bars
Gutters and standing water
  • Seal joints in sectional gutters
  • Set and seal gutters to surrounding roof structures
  • Reseal loose or damaged masonry parapets
  • Reseal loose or damaged flashings on roof surfaces
Parapet walls and copings
  • Repoint masonry
  • Seal around penetrations through parapet walls
  • Repair and seal cracks in masonry walls
  • Reseat and grout loose coping stones
  • Seal over coping stone joints
  • Seal porous surfaces
Case studies