Spetoflon ®PTFE  envelope gaskets

chemical installations, pharmaceutica, food, laboratiories of high requirements for the quality of the product. Its chemical resistance or ability to sterilise the installation, enamelled, rubber lined or plaited vessels and reactors, plastic pipelines, plastic lined glass, valves and laboratory fittings and installations.

Styles: ►FU   SPETOFLON® FU envelope is manufactured from virgin, sintered PTFE of 2.10 g/cm3 density in the profile shown on the drawing. The jacket has anti-difusion zone on the inner circumference which protects the material of the instert from contact with medium. Thickness of the insert in practice is not limited. Gasket’s construction minimizes non-active space in the joint and provides erosion resistance in case of high flow velocity of the medium.
►FY   SPETOFLON® FY envelope manufactured by means of slitting PTFE rings and is an economical alternative to FU envelope. Recommended maximum thickness of the insert in FY envelope is 2 mm, thickness of the PTFE envelopes, similarily to FU style, 0.5 mm.
►FU BAS 300   

Gaskets manufactured by inserting SPETOBAR® BAS 300 gasket into SPETOFLON® FU envelope for the service temperatures up to 150°С at small and medium diameters. PTFE envelope gives excellent chemical resistance and BAS 300 improves recovery and inhibit creep relaxation of PTFE. Gasket may be equipped with centring ring from SPETOBAR® BAS 300, thus the envelope has the sime width as flange faces (in this case addidional designation “Z”).

Application limits: T [°C] -200...+260 120* * Please contact us if the working conditions
are above the specified.
  Pmax  [bar] 40 16*
  VO  [N/mm2] 90 60*
Materials: Envelopes of 100% PTFE, PTFE with fillers, ePTFE.
Insert of non-asbestos materials.
Availability: Acc. to EN 1514-3, EN 12560-3 and others on request.
Versions: • reverse envelope for gaskets exposed to medium acting on their outer circumference or envelopes protecting inner and outer part of the insert
• full face gaskets with bolt holes
• gaskets with additional andi-difusion barrier from ePTFE
• inserts from material in accordance with individual requirement (any material or shape)