Fabric Expansion Joints


Fabric expansion joints are suffering great loads inherent for respective instalation and have to solve different often multipurpose movements, torsions and vibrations in axial, lateral and angular direction.  

The main range of application of soft expansion joints are vessels and pipelines working with gas fluids, duckting, boilers, chutes, vibration screens, etc. Different material combinations of the expansion joints and insulating pollows structure give the possibility for operating at temparature to 1200°С and pressures to 0.5 bar.
Dimentions and operating conditions in the industry are largely variable and that makes it unpossible to propose standard fabric expansion joints. That is way Frenzelit stants accent to customer orders and individual projects. 
The most important precondition for optimum fabric expansion joint design is the accurate technical  data provided by customers regarding: installation sizes, real temperature and pressure, type and speed of the fluid, movements in the working conditions, etc. For that purpose Frenzelit submit for completing a circumstantial questionnaire that includes all important parameters needed for design of the expansion joint.