PTFE gaskets Spetoactiv ® 

Metal gaskets SPETOACTIV® are used in extremely difficult applications and when the the seating space is limited (due to limitation of weight or dimensions of the joint) or at the highest service requirements. These are aeroplane jet engines, rocket engines, nuclear power engineering, oil and gas industry; SPETOACTIV® based on on PTFE with additional metal spring element are used instead of elastomeric o-rings to seal the bearings, in the valves, plunger pumps, mechanical seals and in static applications, where, due to the temperature, medium, volume or speed of relative movement the solution of higher reliability are demanded. Self-energized PTFE gaskets are also used in the static applications, because of the lower requirements as per the flange face surface finish compared to metal equivalents.

Styles: ►P-20   SPETOACTIV® P-20 is a gasket manufactured from PTFE (or modified PTFE) with a special spring used in both static and quasi-static applications. Choice of material is determined by service conditions and gaskets may work in pressure up to 55Mpa and temperatures from -250 to +270 °C. Thanks to the internal spring it does not lose its recovery, therefore it is not affected by temperature and pressure fluctuations

SPETOACTIV® P-24 is a gasket similar to SPETOACTIV® P-20 but applied in higher pressures, thus different external profile. May be manufactured from various kinds of modified PTFE, therefore can work in temperatures from -250 °C to 270 °C, maximum working pressure - 140 MPa.

►P-28   SPETOACTIV® P-28 gasket is used in criogenic technologies up to the pressure of 35Mpa. It is a only a static gasket of good elastic recovery. Its spring has the construction compensating for the thermal shrinkage of the polimer material. May be delivered in many material options in dimensions up to 1200 mm.
Application limits: T [°C] -200...+270 550* * Please contact us if the working conditions
are above the specified.
  Pmax  [bar] 1400 350*
  VO  [N/mm2] N/A
Materials: Virgin PTFE / PTFE + graphite / PTFE + MoS2 /  PTFE + 60% bronze / PTFE + carbon
Availability: For flanges acc. to AS 1895;
According to American Military Form USA MS 9141, MS 9142 ÷ 9205, MS 9371 ÷ 9376.