What is a Fluoroelastomer?

Fluoroelastomers are fluorinated synthetic polymers designed for harsh environments including aggressive chemical and temperature applications. These materials are sometimes referred to as Viton®, which is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

SENY LTD as an official distributor of J-Flex is an official licensee within the “Genuine Viton” programme. Other suppliers of Fluoroelastomer polymer are Dyneon; Solvay and Daikin.

Fluoroelastomer compounds are based on polymer that takes advantage of the high strength of the fluorine to carbon bond and the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen. This unique chemistry and proper compounding means that some fluoroelastomer materials can perform continuously in temperatures of 204°C and 300°C intermittently.

The ASTM D2000 designation for fluoroelastomers is HK meaning the highest heat resistance and the lowest swell available of rubber type elastomers.

So what’s the difference between FPM and FKM?

FPM is the international designation according to ISO – whereas – FKM is the ASTM abbreviation. Both of these designations stand for the same base material: fluoro rubber.

Which grade of fluoroelastomer is best for my application?

There are a number of different families and types of Viton® Fluoroelastomer for example. Each grade or family has been specifically designed over the years to provide a particular solution to an operating application or problem. Here at J-Flex and SENY LTD we would be pleased to try and help with your specific requirements.