The physical and chemical properties of the PTFE rods, as well as the thermal resistance of the pTFE material, make it highly applicable in different industry spheres.

"Seny" Ltd is leading supplier of PTFE rods for Bulgaria. The PTFE rods are widely used because of the small coefficient of friction. Therefore the PTFE rods are considered to be self-lubricating elements.

 The PTFE rods work effectively at temperature from -200C up to +250 C. The PTFE rods are ideally applicable in the food industry. They offer one of the best dielectrical properties. Because these specifications the PTFE are used also in the power generation sector and the electronics.


For the needs of your production and other activities we are pleased to offer extruded PTFE rods made from 100% Virgin PTFE  (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) with big stock availabilities having the following parameters      

Outer diameter: 6÷200 mm, length: 1000 mm


 /sizes and diameters, different from the above can be produced on request/

The PTFE rods offer lot of technical advantages. Part of them are:

- they are self-lubricating elements

- the pTFE rods have high temeperature resistance

- highly inert material

- easy installation

- good dielectrical properties

- a material with one of the best anti-friction properties 

The PTFE rods are widely used at:

- fabrication of medical components

- electrical and electronic components

- gasket manufacturing

- seals and bearings  manufacturing

- food processing

- insulations