White EPDM for the Food Industry


The white EPDM sheeting of the JF163 type, approved by FDA, with hardness by Shore 60° is a non-toxic variation of the white EPDM.


Бял EPDM одобрен от FDAБял EPDM

It's perfectly for use in the food industry, where it's needed an FDA approval and the product is non-toxic.

Thickness: from 1.5mm to 6mm

Sheeting size: rolls of width 1,4 m by 10 or 20 meters of length with fine finishing.

Cutting: standard pressure equipment cutting

We offer on stock lot of variations in different colours and finishings depending on the minimal lot quantities.

The compounds and additives used by the fabrication and mixture are in accordance with FDA [Food & Drug Administration – Department of Health and Human Services] part 177 – indirect food additives section 177.2600 – rubber articles for repeated use]

For more details, please review our product datasheet.