Product: fire blankets

Weight 400 g/m² acc. to DIN 14155 and DIN 14155.

Made from textured E-glass yarn with looped edges and contrasting attached hand pockets for easy handling.

Versions: Delivery with PVC bag: For the dust-free storage of the fire blanket, or with Fire blanket steel container: enamelled weatherproof finish in RAL 3000 fire brigade red - on request.
Dimensions: 1800 х 1000 / 1800 х 1600 / 2000 х 1600 mm
Materials: ► isoGLAS®

Product: safety blankets

High-temperature safety blankets are suitable for many different application areas. When an engine compartment or a control cabinet is supposed to be covered up, when several blankets need to be spread out on a grid floor or when radiant heat shielding is required.
The preferred choice where protection against sparks, cinders or drops of welding material in the direct working environment are concerned.
Weighft 1000 and 1200 g/m2.

Versions: With welding protection finish.
Dimensions: 1000 х 1000 / 1000 х 1500 / 1000 х 2000 /
2000 х 1600 / 2000 х 2000 / 2000 х 3000 mm
Materials: ►isoTHERM® 800   ►isoTHERM® HT   ►isoTHERM® 1000   ►isoTHERM® ST

Product: soldering mats

Soldering mats provide small areas with protection against heat and are at the same time resistant to drops of solder.

Dimensions: 500 х 330 mm
Materials: ►isoTHERM® 1000