Product: accoustic pillows

Base materials are especially developed isoGLAS ® and isoTHERM ® fabrics, which are fabricated to "tailor made" pillows for exhaust silencer applications. The infill consists typically of acoustic needlemats and basalt or other materials on request.
The pillow filling is chosen according to the acoustic requirements of the installation. The density and shape of the pillow is designed so that the final. product can easily be installed with minimum labour costs.
Applications: Inlet/exhaust silencers for gas turbines, industrial turbines, boilers, HRSGs (heat recovery steam generators)


Various shapes, material combinations, dimentions and filling density.

Dimensions: "Tailor made" on customers´request depending on application conditions.
Materials: ►isoGLAS®   ►isoTHERM® 800   ►isoTHERM® HT   ►isoTHERM® 1000   ►isoTHERM® ST