Rubber Expansion Joints

easyFLEX – out of standard rubber expansion joints with shape, materials combination and methods of instalation. They are made by customer order and specific requirements for any specific application.

highFLEX SFR – standard rubber expansion joints with flanges (DIN PN10/16 and ANSI 150 lbs) specially designed for liquid fluids including as well abrasive and agresive chemical environments. They are qualified with high flexibility, pressure stability and mechanical strength. 



• STD – Standard
• DF   – Double bellow 
• US   – L inst 150 / 200 mm
• 105  – L inst 105 mm
• 130  – L inst 130 mm

Sizes: DN 25 ... 1400 / PN 10-16 / L inst 95 ... 350 mm


Accessories: turnable flanges, collar flanges, rubber flanges, threaded connections from DN 15 to DN 80 mm, restrictive tenons, anti-vacuum rings and spirals, internal PTFE coating, external UV protective coating.

Materials: EPDM, Butyl, Nitril, Silicone, Neoprene®, Hypalon®, Viton®, raw rubber, combination of elastomers, build in reinforcement of nylon or steel strings or textile reinforcement using polyester, isoGLAS®, novaTEX® (Aramid/Kevlar®).