Waterproofing systems for the repair and protection of buildings and structures

Belzona® 3111 Flexible Membrane
Flexible waterproofing system

Roof degradation is caused by constant weather changes. With its ability to provide impermeability to liquids, but permeability to water vapor – allowing the roof to breathe – this product offers a solution to roof leaks. Belzona® 3111 also provides:

  • Versatility in use
  • Weather-tight roofing
  • Fire protection
  • Long term lightweight protection
  • Easy repair when damaged
15 l
BBA, Energy, Ford, General Motors
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Belzona® 3121 MR7
Emergency waterproofing system

Offering outstanding protection to all existing structures, this product’s resistance to temperature change makes it equally effective on bituminous, cementitious, and metallic surfaces. Designed for instant waterproofing under all weather conditions, Belzona® 3121 is a totally bonded system, adhering to virtually all substrates without mechanical fastening.

1 l, 4l
USDA, General Motors, Ford, Lead Sheet Association, Nuclear Power Industry(DBA Tested)
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Belzona® 3211 Lagseal
Fire retardant, insulation protection system

By providing unrivalled versatility in sealing and protecting all types of thermal insulation, this two layer application is reinforced with glass fiber sheeting. Its micro-porosity allows applications to damp surfaces, keeping insulation dry and fully efficient. It is suitable for applications on:

  • Steam lines
  • Exhaust ducting
  • Tanks
  • Boilers
16 kg
Bureau Veritas, General Motors 
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