Thordon Bearings Inc, Canada designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance wear resistible polymeric bearings with low coefficient of friction that satisfied all standards for environment protection. The applications comprise design and production of non-metallic journal bearing systems for ship building and ship repair, offshore oil rigs, hydroelectric power plants, pumps and many other industrial areas. Since the first Thordon bearing was developed in 1966, Thordon has continuously improved its high performance polymer technologies and bearing designs to become the world leader in elastomeric bearing technology and manufacturing of non-metallic journal bearing systems.  Thordon Bearings in-house application engineers and design specialists work closely with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs that meet or exceed the technical requirements of the application. Thordon Bearings' engineering and quality focus has earned worldwide recognition. Thordon bearing systems are approved and certified from class society  organizations as: 

The closest collaboration with customers is the main priority for Thordon. Your specific problems and requirements will be carefully analyzed and will be used as basic point for preparation of detailed proposal with product characteristics and supporting application procedures for machining and installation.

Advantiges of Thordon high performance, non-metallic bearings are:

♦ Semilubrication properties.
♦ Provide long bearing wear life.
♦ Low coefficient of friction.
♦ High elasticity.
♦ High wear resistance.
♦ Simple machining and instalation.
♦ Corrosion resistance.
♦ Withstand high shock loads and edge
♦ Enviromentally frendly and noise reduction


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