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U.S. Navy Nimitz class aircraft carriers
equipped with Thordon SXL rudder pintle
Thordon Bearings, a pioneer in the development of high performance grease and oil free elastomeric polymer bearing systems, offers a choice of propeller shaft, rudder, pump, and deck equipment applications for newbuilding or conversion.

Over 25 years of experience and solid references in merchant fleet applications have earned Thordon Bearings a reputation as a premiere supplier of environmentally friendly bearing solutions for bulkers, tankers, ferries, cruise ships, container ships,  and general cargo vessels.The specific Thordon applications are for workboats, yachts and dredges.

Thordon bearing system solutions are being designed into oil platform and FPSO vessel applications where reliability, long life, low friction and non-polluting grease free operation are of key importance.Typical applications where Thordon has become the bearing of choice include FPSO mooring and rotation equipment, turret and slewing systems, Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT) stern roller bearings and seals, riser tubes, net catchers and fire pumps.

New standards of naval performance for navy/coast guard applications are being set with Thordon's COMPAC open water lubricated propeller shaft bearings. Performance enhancements include lower friction, reduced acoustic noise levels and proven long wear life.

Thordon Composite propeller shaft bearings designed for high performance in landing craft (LCU's), and work boat applications offer a wear life of more than twice that of other non-metallic bearings - and significant savings in maintenance costs.

Self-lubricating Thordon SXL pintle, stock and carrier rudder bearings offer smooth reliable operation, proven long bearing wear life and grease free operation.

Easy installation of Thordon SXL
rudder bearing


Thordon rudder bearings have been used in the marine field for over 25 years with an impressive reference list of over 4000 commercial, navy and coast guard vessels with Thordon rudder bearings installed. Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low operating friction, operating pressures up to 12 N/mm2 and the complete elimination of grease and greasing systems eliminating any risk of pollution. Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.
Reliability, long wear life and superior customer service have made Thordon the first choice in pollution free rudder bearing applications. Thordon SXL self lubricating bearings have set the standard in rudder bearing technology and are recognized internationally as the proven choice for value, performance and complete freedom from water pollution concerns for both new construction and conversions. 
For newbuildings, Thordon Bearings offers a 15 year bearing wear life guarantee unmatched by any other rudder bearing supplier. Ship owners and managers that specify Thordon SXL rudder bearings understand total life cycle cost is much more important than initial purchase price. With a worldwide distribution network from Seattle to Halifax to Portugal to Dubai to Shanghai, Thordon rudder bearings can be delivered fast to any ship repair facility in the world.
Once customers have experienced the performance of the product, technical support and after-sales service from Thordon Bearings and their extensive distribution network, they stay with Thordon.
In addition to SXL pintle, stock and carrier disc bearings, SXL TRAXL or Thordon's new thermoplastic product, ThorPlas©, can be specified grease free in steering and linkage applications, as well as fin stabilizers. Completing the rudder bearing package, self lubricating Thorseals provide exceptional wear life as a rudder stock seal.
Thordon SXL for rudder bearings and Thorplas© in steering and linkage applications
Easy installation of Thordon Composite
cutterhead dredge bea


Thordon offers two proven propeller shaft bearing system options, an open water lubricated bearing system and a sealed bearing system.

Open, water lubricated bearing choices include Thordon XL, SXL, Composite and COMPAC, each offering specific advantages in different water environments and operating conditions.

The Thor-Lube stern tube bearing system is a sealed system consisting of non-metallic Thordon XL bearings, a circulation and monitoring system and TL3G, a biodegradable water-based lubricant specifically formulated to replace stern tube oil.

Open systems

During the more than 25 years Thordon Bearings has been supplying water lubricated bearing systems to the merchant fleet, wide variations of water quality ranging from clean to very abrasive, have been encountered. Rather than promoting the concept that one bearing solution will work in all types of conditions, Thordon has developed four different bearing grades from which the optimal bearing solution for each specific application and vessel operating profile may be selected.
COMPAC is Thordon's open, water lubricated high performance bearing system and offers proven long life with a 10 Year Wear Life Guarantee, no pollution concerns, elimination of an AFT seal and low friction. To promote early formation of a hydrodynamic film between the shaft and bearing, the lower (loaded) portion of the bearing is smooth, while the upper half of the bearing incorporates grooves for flow of the water lubricant/coolant. Thordon's Water Quality Package ensures a steady supply of relatively abrasive free water to both the forward seal and bearings.SXL and XL offer low coefficient of friction, reasonable abrasion resistance (SXL slightly better than XL) and good wear life.

Composite water lubricated bearings are designed for high abrasive resistance in work boat and dredge applications. Thordon Composite bearings, operating in combination with hard coated nickel-chrome-boron shaft sleeves, offer a wear life of more than twice that of other non-metallic bearings - and significant savings in maintenance costs.

Sealed Systems

Thor-Lube is a sealed stern tube bearing system that eliminates pollution concerns relating to stern tube oil. Similar in principle to oil-lubricated systems, the Thor-Lube stern tube bearing system consists of proven non-metallic Thordon XL bearings, TL3G, a biodegradable water-based lubricant specifically formulated to replace stern tube oil, and a Thor-Lube circulation and monitoring package.

Thordon's TL3G lubricant has recently received Environment Canada's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) certificate. Independent laboratory testing - part of the ETV verification process - confirmed that TL3G lubricant conforms to the United States Clean Water Act under these parameters:
i) it is readily biodegradable to a level greater than 70% after 28 days;
ii) it exhibits water solubility at all compositions (so it will not accumulate on the shoreline or settle in clumps);
iii) it does not form a surface sheen and
iv) it is "relatively harmless" and "practically non-toxic" in two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) marine toxicity tests.

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Equipped with
Thordon SXL turret bearing


There are a number of deck equipment applications where the self-lubricating properties, outstanding wear life and machinability of Thordon or ThorPlas© provide significant advantages to the ship owner. Fairlead bushings, sheave bushings, pivot bushings and davit bearings are typical deck equipment applications where Thordon has replaced bronze bearings and eliminated grease.