Spetomet ® Kammprofile gaskets

power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries, high pressure and high temperature valves, high external loads, dange-rous, toxic and flammable media, etc.

►MWK 10   SPETOMET® MWK 10 is a conventional kammprofile gasket with the grooves of the same depth. The gasket is applied first of all in tongue and groove flanges, less frequently in male and female flanges. Recommended width of the MWK 10 gasket should not exceed 15 mm due to uneven radial distribution of contact stresses, maximum outer diameter of the gasket – 2000 mm.
►MWK 20   SPETOMET® MWK 20 has the sealing element exactly the same as that of MWK 10, with additional outer centring ring. Integral centring ring of thickness 2 or 3 mm, manufactured in traditional technology. At present in order to meet the increased safety standards this style is replaced by MWK 21, MWK 22 is the style for similar applications but with the special centring ring.
►MWK 21   SPETOMET® MWK 21 gasket with the centring ring that has a pre-determined breaking groove – when the joint fails and the medium escapes abruptly from the system the vibrations of the gasket occur – in these circumstances the gasket “breaks” on the groove and centring rings falls out.
►MWK 50   Original profile engineered at SPETECH®. Its design provides better recovery, so called metal core shape flexibility effect due to the propotions between the groove depth and width, improved conformability although the gasket has smaller thickness. This last feature allows for the installation of MWK 50 even in the shallow grooves where usually soft gaskets are applied.
►MWK 60   SPETOMET® MWK 60 gasket has the same sealing element as SPETOMET® MWK 50 but a centring ring with predetermined breaking groove is added to improve blowout resistance.
►MWK 50 B   Original design engineered at SPETECH for round boiler inspection holes, the profile allows for relatively deeper groves and thus thicker sealing layers can be used, it results in good tightness characteristics even in the worn flanges with substancial surface imperfections, the gasket can be insterted into the boiler’s opening. Also available customized profile MWK 10 B with the metal core grooved in traditional way.
Application limits:
T [°C] -200...+750 500* * Please contact us if the working conditions
are above the specified.
Pmax  [bar] 420 100*
VO  [N/mm2] 600 200*
Materials: Core:  321 / 316L / Hastelloy C etc..
Sealing layers: graphite / PTFE / ePTFE / silver and others.
Availability: ASME B 16.20 / DIN 2697 / EN 1514-4 / EN 12560-4 and others.
Custom styles:

•with non-standard groove depth and profile;

•with different gasket’s sealing area (styles with centring rings);

 •in PTFE or silver jackets for chemical applications;

•concentrically joined with spiral wound gasket;

•with different kinds of bars, e.g.. MPL23, MWK10, MPL10, MPL12;

•other than round shapes, e.g. rectangular and other materials on request.