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Thordon manufactures a complete range of high performance grease-free bearings, wear pads and structural elastomer wear components for many industrial applications. Thordon industrial bearing solutions improve reliability, reduce life cycle costs, increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), while eliminating environmental impact.

Typical Thordon industrial bearing and wear component applications are found in pumps, hydro-turbines, sewage and wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, forest industry, sugar cane, mining, automotive manufacturing, injection molding presses, the steel industry and many others. Products include screw conveyor bearings, wire rope sheaves, wear components and hydraulic/pneumatic Thorseals.

 Thor-Flex Chain Conveyor
 scraper wear  shoes for grit
chambers at Jardine Water
purification Plant, City of Chicago,

Due to the wet, abrasive operating conditions encountered at sewage and waste water treatment plants, Thordon bearings and Thor-Flex wear pads and structural wear components offer proven solutions that significantly improve MTBF and reduce maintenance costs and related down time.

Thordon, ThorPlas© and Thor-Flex offer many performance advantages when specified in scraper blades; plow, rake or flight wear shoes; scum collectors; band and drum screens; paddle wheels; conveyors, aerators; dewatering presses; grit retrieval systems; floating tank cover rollers; pumps and other applications.

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 Pulp & Paper Plant
Rotating and cycling equipment used in pulp and paper processing must function reliably under a variety of extreme operating conditions. From tree harvesting, to wood processing, to the pulping process and finally in the paper mill itself, the bearings in the equipment used must withstand high loading. These high loads are often then magnified by unbalanced or shock loads while processing product that is wet, abrasive and often contains process chemicals as well. Thordon and ThorPlas© bearings and Thor-Flex wear pads and structural wear components offer solutions proven to dramatically increase MTBF and eliminate grease. Maintenance costs and related down time can be significantly reduced.
In addition to pumps and conveyors, Thordon bearings perform extremely well in jack ladders, pulp and paper agitators and mixers and many other stock lubricated applications where the temperature and pH are within Thordon's working range.
Thordon SXL and XL hanger bearings
operate in many screw conveyor
systems around the world.


Other Industrial Applications

Automotive and Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Self-lubricating Thordon bearings offer increased wear life and reliability, elimination of oil and grease, and reduced operating noise in automotive and related parts manufacturing applications such as presses, materials handling and assembly equipment.


Thordon's high impact and abrasion resistant properties make it a natural bearing solution for the mining industry. Typical applications include off-highway truck suspension and loading equipment pivot bearings, drilling carriage roller bearings, mine car rocker arm and wheel bearings and stacker/reclaimer pivot and roller bearings.

Screw Conveyors

Thordon is widely used in screw conveyors in waste water, sewage and sludge applications; waste recycling and composting facilities; mining; grain handling and many other industries. Thordon's high resistance to abrasive wear, high impact resistance, significant noise reduction, low coefficient of friction and excellent self lubricating qualities make it an ideal choice for either dry or wet operations in these difficult applications.

Sugar Harvesting and Processing

In general sugar harvesting and processing operations, Thordon's high resistance to abrasion and impact resistance, grease free operation, low friction and easy machinability make it a natural choice for the dirty abrasive environments at sugar processing plants.


Thordon's improved wear life performance and grease free properties make it the proven solution for maintenance applications in a wide variety of industrial applications including: steel; injection moulding; agricultural equipment; construction; waste handling; bottling; food processing and canning.