TL3G Lubricant for
Thor-Lube Stern Tube
Bearing System


TL3G Lubricant for Thor-Lube Stern Tube Bearing System

TL3G is a new lubricant designed for use in the Thor-Lube Stern Tube Bearing System. TL3G lubricant outperforms mineral oil in several important stern tube lubricant characteristics. Kinematic viscosity is more stable over a wider temperature range, friction is lower, heat transfer ability is much higher and resistance to corrosion if seawater contamination of the lubricant occurs is better.
Independent laboratory testing also confirmed that TL3G lubricant conforms to the United States Clean Water Act under these parameters:
  • it is readily biodegradable to a level greater than 70% after 28 days (36% after 5 days)
  • it exhibits water solubility at all compositions (so it will not accumulate on the shoreline or settle in clumps)
  • it does not form a surface sheen
  • it is "relatively harmless" and "practically non-toxic" in two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) marine toxicity tests.