eng. Angel Anegnostiev

Main objective of Seny Ltd. is providing effective services in the field of ship supplies, ship repair and marketing of investment goods in compliance with domestic and international standards and regulations and in full correspondence with customer’s needs and requirements. The management of Seny Ltd. stakes the following strategic objectives in the development of the company:
- continuous development and improvement of the Quality management system by the mechanisms set in the standard, in compliance with the specifics of the company’s activity;
- optimizing the forms and quality records to minimize the documentation on paper;
- minimizing the claims, providing continuous customer feedback and constantly enrichment the archives of references;
- developing and promoting the company’s position as a supplier and warranty service of famous marks engines and diesel generators with a marine and industrial purpose;
- development and validation of the company as one of the main Bulgarian ship suppliers in all Bulgarian and Romanian Black Sea ports;
- developing the Industrial service in the field of polymeric technologies, gaskets, insulations and expansion joints, with the following basic principles: flexibility, technical expertise and consultation, quick response.
Guiding principles in our company activities are:
- prompt execution of set objectives;
- continuous effort to identify and avoid any inaccuracy in our work that may affect the quality of supplied products and services;
- meeting the requirements of certification bodies and company quality management procedures;
- observation of measures for environment preservation;
Quality is not a constant for us – it is a category that should be daily reproduced and claimed, over and over again.
Each employee of our company is personally responsible for all quality aspects of his service. This is a major duty and objective. This principle along with employee conscientiousness and high professional skills ensure the functioning of the implemented quality management system. Quality is not a gift for our clients – it is our primary obligation.