Ship supply



         Right from its inception, SENY has believed that people are its greatest asset. Captioned by a dynamic and forward-thinking management, the talented and highly committed staff work with a common purpose: to excel in their designated responsibilities. This united focus has given the company the cutting edge.In its quest for perfection, SENY Shipchandler lays special emphasis on enhancing the knowledge and proficiency of its people through rigorous training programs. This exposes them to new concepts and ideas which helps provide a higher standard of service to customers. The operations Department is headed by a Master Mariner, while the Technical Procurement Department is manned by Marine Engineers. The common objective is to put their counterparts at sea, at complete ease. All staff involved with operations including sales, purchase, warehousing, logistics and quality control are well-versed with their coded nomenclature. This expedites the process and ensures accurate delivery of even the most complex orders.


       SENY Shipchandler recognise the fact that innovation and technology are the keys to successful and cost-effective transactions. To this end, computerised systems are continually upgraded. Highly sophisticated software has been successfully designed to help reduce time and labour. As a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) , Bulgarian Ship Supply Association (BSSA) and International Marine Purchase Association (IMPA) , SENY Ltd. is in a position to speed up procedures by supplying the vessels. With typical foresight, the Company has embraced information technology as a means to provide cost effective and efficient service to its customers in the marine industry.


        It is a voyage that began in 1994 when SENY Ltd. was established as Shipchandler in Varna, Bulgaria. Right from its inception, the company set out on a steady course of customer satisfaction that has become a hallmark of success.Over the years we developed strong ties with several world renowned companies and became the exclusive suppliers to the French, Italian, Greek, American, Turkish and Spanish navies. 

       Today, SENY Ltd. continues to set the standard as a leader, with an enviable reputation for excellence, innovation and integrity. A roster of clients bear testimony to the fact that the company has remained true to its mission to ensure customer satisfaction above all else.