Ship supply

Seny Marine Ltd. is a part of Seny holding and operates in ship supply.        

Seny Marine Ltd. is one of the major ship supply companies in Bulgaria. It is certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance by the International standard ISO 9001:2015. The company is a member of International Ship Suppliers Association, International Marine Purchasing Association, Bulgarian Ship Suppliers Association. Most of the staff are specialists from the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy.

 Port operations available in:





Ø  Bulgaria:







Ø  Romania:














We offer:


         Bonded stores

         Deck and Engine stores

         Safety and navigation equipment

         Spare parts


         Marine chemicals

         Technical gases

         Manhole gaskets

         Pilot and Embarkation ladders

         Producing of Pilot and Embarkation ladders, approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance

         Inspection of Pilot and Embarkation ladders

         Producing of all kinds and dimensions of rubber, teflon sealings like manhole gaskets, etc.

         Annual inspection of Lalizas safety equipment

 Seny Marine Ltd constantly maintains stock quantities.


Seny Marine Ltd is a part of Seny Ltd. and, respectively, a representative for Bulgaria of:

         Shell Marine Lubricants

         Volvo Penta – engines and spare parts

         Lalizas – safety equipment

         Thordon – polymeric bearings blanks and components

         Belzona®  polymeric materials

         Frenzelit – sealingsexpansion joints, insulations

         Spetech® – packingsmetal gaskets

         AYT Marine chemicals


Equipment on stock:

      Safety equipment

      Safety protective clothing

      Nautical equipment

      Flags and IMO stickers

      Shell Lubricants

      Cyclon Lubricants

      Marine chemicals

      Brushes, paint rollers etc.

      Pneumatic and electric tools

      Measuring tools

      Electric equipment

      Packing and jointing

      Machinery equipment


Flexible emergency repair services:

         Repair of internal-combustion engines

         Repair and prevention of turbocharger aggregates

         Repair of auxiliary machines and mechanisms

         Hull repair and welding works

         Repair of erosion and cavitation damages

         Repair of stern shafts and screws

         Repair of steering gears

         Changing of rudder / stern bearings

         Powder welding and hardfacing

         Machining services etc.




Head office:

7, Alexander Dyakovich str.

Varna 9000, Bulgaria

tel./ fax: +359 52 698 605

tel./ fax: +359 52 630 172


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