Ship repair

The repair services, under the guidance of Seny Ltd. and Technomarine Ltd. , are made by specialized groups with proven capabilities in this kind of operations - repairs on board, repair in shipyards, and in own Service Workshop.
The quality of repair services is under the control of specialists, who are working according DNV GL Bulgaria standard ISO 9001-2015.
Seny Ltd., together with Technomarine Ltd. , offers ship repair services, which includes repair , prevention services and diagnostics of:
  • main ship engines;
  • diesel - generators;
  • turbochargers;
  • auxiliary ship mechanisms;
  • pumps and heat exchange units;
  • steering propeller gears, changing of bearings;
  • cavitated and worn out surfaces;
  • deck mechanisms – capstans, hoists, winches ;
  • working on engineering projects of vessels and industrial companies;
  • reconstruction of ships;
  • changing of engines and auxiliary mechanisms;
  • working according contracts for service and maintenance of ships and vessels which belongs to companies and state departments;
  • current among sailing repairs;
  • class repairs of small vessels.

 Seny Ltd. has its own Service Facilities, which is equipped for ship repair services and manufacturing of details for the shipbuilding and industry such as welding constructions, bulkhead couplings, flanged and threaded joints, pipe attachments, large set of gaskets with different size and form, etc. 
Seny Ltd. Is official distributor of the following companies and products:
 We’re working as subcontractors in the following companies:

- Terem KRZ Flotski Arsenal EOOD”
- Odessos Shiprepair Yard S.A.
- MTG Dolphin;
- Bulyard shipbuilding industry EAD