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The Volvo Penta genset systems are reliable marine diesels, well-matched generators and a monitoring system. The key component is the smooth-running and reliable Volvo Penta marine diesel engine
The unit pumps controlling fuel flow for each cylinder and injectors optimizing fuel-air mixture means high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions
In combination with well-matched components optimized for genset applications this gives fast response to load variations and high system efficiency. The reliable and powerful D5A/D7A marine gensets can be delivered with complete classification certificates


Model 380 V 400 V 415 V 440 V Lenght, mm  Width, mm Height, mm Dry weight, kg Consumption l/h, 75%
D5A T / UCM274C 62 kWe 62 kWe 62 kWe 56 kWe 1812 1046 1224 1195  
D5A T / UCM274D 67 kWe 67 kWe 67 kWe 60 kWe 1812 1046 1224 1215  
D5A T / UCM274E 66 kWe 67 kwe 66 kWe 66 kWe 1925 1046 1224 1280