Spetomet ® Metal jacketed gaskets

Metal jacketed gaskets with encapsulated soft filler.

Traditional application in petrochemical industry for heat-exchangers and another vessels working at high pressure.

►MPL 20   Flat gasket in single metal jacket with an opening is used for narrow flanges. Manufactured from metal sheet, which encapsulates soft filler. Such profile protects the soft edge of the gasket’s material. Most of gaskets of this style are made from copper and its width is less than 6 mm, for larger cross sections MPL 23 style is recommended.
►MPL 21   SPETOMET® MPL 21 gasket is similar to MPL 20 but the metal jacket is overlapped and closes the soft filler. Maximum width of the gasket is also 6 mm.
►MPL 23   SPETOMET® MPL 23 are double jacketed gaskets made from two pieces of metal and soft filler. This gasket is the most commonly used profile for heat exchangers and other vessels: the two piece metal construction gives extra rigidity which allows for large diameters. May be manufactured in various shapes and dimensions.
►MPL 24   SPETOMET® MPL 24 compared to MPL 23 style has features increased resistance characteristics, recommended for gasket thickness over 3,2 mm and in case of flat flanges or male and female flanges.
►MPL 26   SPETOMET ® 26 gasket in the corrugated metal jacket; it has better conformability due to reduced contact area (corrugations), recommended for gasket’s width over 13 mm.
Application limits:
T [°C] -200...+750 500* * Please contact us if the working conditions
are above the specified.
Pmax  [bar] 200 40*
VO  [N/mm2] 300 120*
Materials: Fillers:            Graphite, ceramics and  other non-asbestos materials
Metal jacket:  Soft iron / 304 / 316L / brass and others.
Availability: DIN 7603 / ASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47 / PN 68/H-74374 and others.
Custom styles:

•metal jacketed gasket with additional PTFE or graphite sealing layers.

•gaskets with bars from soft material

 •gaskets in other material options.