Metal Expansion Joints (Bellows)

The steel expansion joints have wider range of application for different fluids and higher working pressure compearing with fabric and elastomeric expansion joints. But their relativly less flexibility is due to vastly higher reaction forces that have to be considered for calculations and location of stable and moving pipeline supports.  

Frenzelit offers engineering design acc. to EJMA Standard and delivery of bellow expansion joints with:

  • round section
  • rectangular section
  • single-layer lens
  • multi-layers belows
  • axial operation
  • lateral operation
  • angular operation
  • universial operation


Sizes: from DN 40 to DN 3000; expansion joints with bigger diameter (to DN 6000) can be manufactured and delivered as segment design.

Accessories: Turnable and fixed flanges, welding ends, restrictive tenons, internal and external protective collars, torsion protection, other subsidiary elemets for transportation and instalation.  

Materials: Carbon steels, Stainless steels and high-doped steels according to fluid composition and customer requirements. The large variety of stock materials and accessories guarantee the most short terms of delivery.