Spetospir ® Spiral wound gaskets

Gaskets commonly used in refineries, petrochemical and chemical industry, often in power generation, natural gas production and handling, machine industry, valve manufacture; high blowout and thermal resistance, fire-safety; economical alternative to other high quality gaskets.

Styles: ►S   SPETOSPIR® S - spiral wound gasket made from alternate layers of metal strip and filler; reinforced only by the metal piles welded together, wound around the soft filler. S style is applied in male and female, tongue and groove flange, also in the joints with so called multi-channel load transmission.
►SW   SPETOSPIR® SW gasket with inner ring providing additional strength, made from the same metal as the strips. Besides giving strength, the ring fills the space between flange bore and the inside diameter, minimizes erosion of flange faces. Applied in male and female flanges, even in very high pressures.
►SZ   Gasket with outer centring ring, facilitating proper installation of the gasket, also protecting gasket from blowout. Gasket engineered for flat and raised face flanges. As standard, centring ring is made from carbon steel, painted or galvanized.
  ►SWZ   Gasket has two metal rings: outer (centring) and inner – reinforcing. Due to „enclosing” the proper sealing element between the two rigid metal rings, the gasket has excellent compression resistance. The style recommended for flat face and raised face flanges over PN 63 (class 300), for gaskets with PTFE filler also of lower PN. For gaskets of large dimensions (above 800 mm) suggested as standard. The standard inner ring is made from the same material as gasket’s metal strip in the sealing area.
Application limits:
T [°C] -200...+750 450* * Please contact us if the working conditions
are above the specified.
Pmax  [bar] 420 100*
VO  [N/mm2] 300 100*
Materials: Materials: 304 / 321 / 316L / Hastelloy C and others.
Filling materials: graphite / PTFE / ePTFE / mica
Availability: ASME B 16.20 (API 601) / DIN 2699 / EN 1514-2 and others on request.
Custom styles: •gaskets of shape other than round, e.g. oval, elliptical;
•gaskets with partition bars e.g. MPL 23, MPL 10, GUS 32;
•gaskets with locating lugs;
•gaskets in fire-safe constructions with PTFE filler;
•gaskets with lowered minimum contact stresses;
•gaskets of thickness over 4,5 mm where the metal windings are of W cross section;
•special construction: with centring ring for two pressure classes.