Technical Information

Thordon Bearings recognizes the importance of superior products, precision manufacturing and application engineering support. Thordon Bearings in-house application engineers and design specialists work closely with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs that meet or exceed the technical requirements of the application. Full engineering drawings are generated for all projects. Thordon has many years of experience with numerous industrial applications in virtually all industries and offers full technical support during design, machining and installation.

Basic technical information concerning specifying, designing, sizing, machining and installing Thordon bearings is outlined in the Thordon Bearings Engineering Manual and the Thordon Bearings Marine Installation Manual, both of which are available on-line (Product Brochures),  from Thordon Bearings or from your local Thordon Distributor in Bulgaria - SENY Ltd.

For more detailed information relating to your specific application or problem contact Thordon Customer Service.