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Thordon SXL main guide bearing
easily installed at Star Lake Generating
Station, Newfoundland, Canada.

With over 25 years experience supplying main shaft guide, pump, wicket gate and operating mechanism bearings to the hydro industry, Thordon is the proven choice for performance and value in both rehabilitation and new turbine projects.

Today, with installations ranging from units with main shafts up to 3.7m (94") diameter to micro-turbines, Thordon is a recognized leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of bearing solutions for the hydro-turbine industry.

Thordon SXL Main Guide Bearing

Main Guide Bearings

Thordon Bearings recommends two bearing grades for use in water-lubricated turbine main guide bearings. 

Thordon SXL offers the lowest coefficient of friction, superior adhesive wear performance and good resistance to wear resulting from third particle abrasion.

Thordon Composite is specially formulated to provide superior wear resistance in abrasive-laden water conditions, routinely outwearing rubber bearings by a factor of two or more, yet, still exhibiting a significantly lower coefficient of friction compared to rubber. 

Thordon bearings can be specified as an upgrade for rubber or other non-metallic bearings in existing water-lubricated bearing systems or as a complete conversion from sealed oil or grease lubricated systems to pollution-free water lubrication. Thordon main shaft guide bearings are usually supplied factory-bonded into split bearing housings, or on larger bearings, on to multiple guide blocks. If required, bearings can be supplied in stave configuration as well. 

bearings with Thorseal

Thordon offer two choices for use in wicket gate and linkage bearing system applications: Thordon HPSXL TRAXL bearings and ThorPlas©.

Homogenous Thordon HPSXL incorporates friction and wear reducing additives throughout its entire molecular structure ensuring consistent performance in limited motion applications. The cost, maintenance and pollution risks associated with greased bearings are eliminated. Easily machined, Thordon HPSXL TRAXL bearings can be sized to final dimensions on-site prior to installation or easily line bored after installation to correct misalignment and dimensional inconsistencies encountered during turbine rehabilitation. HPSXL TRAXL achieved a top level overall rating in the Powertech simulation test for wicket gate and operating linkage bearings.

ThorPlas© is a homogeneous, self-lubricating polymer bearing capable of withstanding operating pressures up to 31 MPa (4500 psi) installed in a full-form, interference-fit configuration. In recent Powertech tests, ThorPlas© demonstrated exceptional wear performance, particularly in the dry tests.

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Thordon SXL segmented shaft seals
supplied to California Department of

Water Resources, U.S.A.

Main Shaft Seals

Tough, abrasion resistant Thordon SXL segmented shaft seals offer several technical advantages over carbon graphite-based seals:
  • Ease of installation as carbon segments are quite fragile and can break easily
  • Provide extended wear life if abrasives are present
  • Increased capability to handle transient loading at startup and shutdown
  • Lower initial cost

Thordon SXL shaft seals are supplied molded to size.

Thordon HPSXL wicket gate thrust
 Other Hydro-Turbine Applications
Thordon bearing systems do not require grease lubrication because of Thordon's low inherent co-efficient of friction and self lubricating properties. Resiliant and highly resistant to abrasion, Thordon can be fitted to: 
  • Wicket gate thrust bearings
  • Butterfly valve seals and trunnion bearings
  • Screen bearings and wear pads
  • Pump bearings
  • Control gate bearings

Thorseals are tough, self-lubricating, polymer seals specified for sealing wicket gate and operating mechanism bearings, butterfly valves, Kaplan runner blade stems and general hydraulic and pneumatic applications including servo-motor pistons and rams.